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What Does the OCTO® Respirator Mask Protect Against?  

The OCTO® Respirator blocks particles and pathogens up to 0.1 micron in diameter. Bacteria are between 1 to 10 microns in size, while most viruses are around 0.01 to 0.1 microns. Additionally, the OCTO Respirator proprietary antimicrobial silver filter material begins killing them on contact.

Please see our Science Page for further information.


Will the OCTO® Respirator Mask Help Protect From Odors?

The Octo® Respirator can reduce many of the airborne particles that our noses register as odors, such as those found when air quality is compromised, during natural disasters, as well as many chemicals, cleaners and beauty industry staples (nail, tanning, hair, etc.) - but no particulate respirator can eliminate odors completely.


How Do I Care For My OCTO® Respirator Mask?

You can clean your OCTO® Respirator by boiling it for 3 minutes in clean water, and setting it aside to dry overnight. If you need it dried faster you can heat it for one hour at 120°F (50°C) in an oven.

Do not boil more than 3 minutes ~ it's not necessary and it will reduce the lifespan of the Octo Respirator. Do not exceed any temperatures stated here or in the instruction manual.

You can also clean your Octo® Respirator Mask via autoclave ~ autoclave at 250°F  (121°C) at 15 PSI for 15 minutes and 10 minutes drying time. Do not exceed temperature or duration. Either way, please be sure to follow the autoclave manufacturer’s instructions.

For total number of boiling or autoclave cycles, please consult the instruction manual.

NOTE:  Pathogens are killed INSIDE the Octo® Respirator while you are wearing it. Pathogens and contamination on the OUTSIDE of the OCTO® Respirator Mask will be neutralized through the high-temperature boiling or autoclaving process. Please discard the water safely, and be careful not to burn yourself.


How Do I Dry The Mask After Boiling?

If you want to expedite the drying time, such that the ORM dries in about 3 to 5 hours, please use the Contact-Drying Method: after rinsing or boiling the ORM place it face-up on a surface in an well ventilated area, and position 3 clean, crumpled facial tissues or paper towels into the three chambers of the pleated filter, such that they are in contact with the filter material – please make sure not to rub or scour the filter material. After an hour, remove the tissues, and let the ORM dry open to the air – depending on local conditions, it may take between two and four more hours. This process can also be undertaken using clean cotton fabric.


What Is the OCTO® Respirator Mask Made of?  

The OCTO® Respirator Mask is made from non-toxic materials: Medical Grade Silicone, Nylon (PA12, 6, 6/6) and Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).


Does the OCTO® Respirator Mask Fit All Sizes? 

The OCTO® Respirator Mask is designed to fit a variety of adult sizes and shapes. Please stay tuned for our child-sized respirators.


How Do You Use The Respirator Mask?

Please find our Instruction Manual here.


Why Should I Have a Respirator Mask?

There are many reasons why people use respirators: allergies and medical sensitivities, environmental hazards (such as wildfires, pollution, dust, mold), airborne pathogens (such as COVID-19), working with contaminants.. It is important to understand one's needs, and to make sure that the respirator being considered will protect you.

You can find more information here


When Will My Order Be Shipped? 

Orders are shipped within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.  


Does OCTO Safety Devices Ship Overseas?  

Currently we are shipping only within the US. If you are a NGO or government agency, please contact us directly.


How Can I Adjust the Straps For a Tighter Fit? 

Please review the procedure to tighten the straps in the instruction manual or watch this video on how to don the mask.


How Long Will the Filter Last? 

Different versions of the OCTO® Respirator Mask have been produced in the past and future versions are planned. Please check the instruction manual for the number of boiling and autoclave cycles your version it is designed to withstand.

However, if the Octo™ Respirator has been damaged (ie: crushed, filter material torn, etc), please discard it immediately.



A micron is 1 millionth of a meter. To put that in perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns in diameter. Human eyes usually cannot see particles smaller than 40 microns in diameter.



Yes! Objects smaller than 0.3 microns do not behave like particles. They are so small that they act like a gas. Due to the proprietary antimicrobial silver filter material, the Octo™ Respirator Mask captures and blocks these and begins killing on contact. 

Please see our Science Page for further information.



Because the OCTO® Respirator Mask is a personal care item, we only accept returns of unused items in their original, unopened packaging, within 30 days of purchase, with proof of purchase. 

Please contact us directly for instructions.



6 months.



Please contact us directly with your questions.