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ORMs and its components are continuously tested.
The following lab results apply to ORM V1.5.

ORM Version 1.5

Product Description


Highly reusable respirator mask designed to be disinfected and sterilized.


Reinforced Nylon PA 12 and Nylon 6/6, 

Filter Material Performance

Filter Material

Proprietary spunbound Nylon fabric bonded with silver, nano fiber.
The filter material releases positively charged silver ions activated by the moisture of breathing, which inhibit and eliminate microbes and viruses on its surface.

Filtration Efficiency/Flow
Testing is conducted on TSI 8130 at 60 L/min flow rate on 0.3 micron particle size, 2% NaCl

Testing Facility:
The Nonwovens Institute Analytical Laboratories

Click here to view the test report OCT-A100-99.

Click here to view the test report OCT-C100-92. 

Single Layer, 1% silver substrate

Efficiency (%)

            Mean                 98.7    Std Dev            1.0

Pressure Drop (Pa)                                                     

            Mean               205.7    Std Dev          24.6


Double Layer, 1% silver substrate

Efficiency (%)

            Mean                 98.1     Std Dev            0.6

Pressure Drop (Pa)

            Mean               128.4     Std Dev            6.2


Antimicrobial Efficacy Test: JIS L 1902

Testing Facility:
The MicroStar Lab


Single layer, 1% silver substrate

Antibacterial Activity Value: 6.9

Log reduction: 7.0

Percent Reduction: 99.999990

The Japanese Industrial Standards L 1902 tests the ability of fabrics, that have been treated with antimicrobial agents, to prevent microbial growth and kill microorganisms.

Antiviral Efficacy Test
ISO 18184

Testing Facility:
Weipu Jishu



Single layer, 1% silver substrate

Reduction in Virus Viability
Human coronavirus 229E at 2 Hours: 98.92%

ISO 18184 is an antiviral textile test that measures virucidal antimicrobial activity on textiles and other porous materials.

Certifications by NIOSH
This respirator is not certified by NIOSH. NIOSH issued a Manufacturer Code to OCTO Safety Devices and we are preparing for the approval process.