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We don't need another pretty-fabric re-do of what worked in the 19th Century.
We need a new concept in respirators, based on the latest requirements and technologies. 

We created a hybrid respirator that provides superior protection, is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, and is reusable, without the need for replacement filters.

What makes the OCTO® Respirator Mask different: 

  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION ~ the antimicrobial filter effectively captures and starts killing pathogens on contact, while filtering over 97% of particulates in the atmosphere. 
  • FULLY STERILIZABLE ~ we built and tested the Octo™ Respirator to withstand boiling and autoclaving while maintaining its protective integrity, WITHOUT THE NEED OF REPLACEMENT FILTERS 
  • BREATHABILITY ~ most masks require breathing through the mouth, but with the Octo Respirator the wearer can comfortably breathe through the nose
  • LARGE VENTS ~ allow clear communication and release CO2, heat and moisture rapidly, so that there's no uncomfortable build up inside the respirator
  • SILICONE FACIAL SKIRT ~ ultra-soft and lightweight, allowing for comfortable extended wear. It is uniquely designed with 3 seals, to accommodate for a wide variety of face shapes and sizes
  • OUR TEST RESULTS ~ particle filtration efficiency of our filter material is tested on industry standard TSI 8130 filter testing machines challenging it with particles of the most penetrating particle size range, 0.3 micron at 60 L/min flow rate. The test results show that our filter material has a filtration efficiency of over 97%.
    Antimicrobial efficacy testing (JIS L 1902:2015) shows a 99.999990% reduction.
    Antiviral efficacy testing (ISO 18184) shows a 98.92% reduction of Human Coronavirus 229E in the 2 hour test.

    For professional use, please find technical information here.

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