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OCTO® Respirator Mask For Sale - V1.5 HALO

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The OCTO® Respirator Mask V1.5 HALO

The OCTO Respirator Mask (ORM®) delivers on the promise of advanced respiratory protection, based on new technology, outstanding breathability, perfect fit, real-world reusability, and extraordinary resilience - a truly reusable respirator.

Benefits of the OCTO Respirator Mask V1.5 HALO

Finding the best respirator mask that is equally comfortable and efficient is essential. Here are some of the many benefits of the best reusable respirator mask from OCTO:

  • Unique HALO Strap System allows for easy, single-handed donning and doffing
  • Proprietary Filter Material self-sanitizing, starts killing pathogens on contact no need for replacement filters easy to breathe
  • Lightweight Design comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Really Tough enough to be sanitized, disinfected, can be sterilized by boiling or autoclave 30 times
  • Highly Reusable low environmental impact 10-year shelf-life makes stockpiling easy: one per person, and that’s it!

The OCTO Respirator Mask (ORM®)

ORM Version 1.5 HALO 
Designed for wearers 15 y/o, and older.  
Designed to withstand 30 boil or autoclave cycles. 
Can be disinfected unlimited times.
Consult your instructions manual for details. 

Body contacting materials
Clear Silicone (Elastosil 3003/30 A/B).
Nylon and polyester strap.

3.9 oz / 110 grams (including strap).

If you are a Front-Line Worker, please contact us for your discount code.

Manual and Care Instructions below
Download PDF manual V15 HALO, 0.9 MB, here.

For professional use, please find the technical and performance information here.

Patent pending.