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New HALO Strap System

Secure fit, quick donning and doffing!

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OCTO® Safety Respirator Mask

Lighter, sturdier, more comfortable, better filter material

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OCTO® Respirator Mask is the new chic!
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The OCTO® Safety Respirator Mask

Preparedness, security and peace of mind are a personal choice. 

We are bringing a 200-year-old concept into the modern age by designing for effectiveness, comfort, durability and value.  

No other respirator mask will keep you and your loved ones safe like the Octo Respirator Mask!

OCTO Respirator Mask V1.5 HALO

Enjoy Enhanced Comfort with the OCTO® Respirator Masks

Today, mask comfort is an important aspect of reliable respiratory protection. Our safety respirator masks have a lightweight design that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are designed with three seals to accommodate a wide variety of face shapes and sizes, the ultra-soft and lightweight medical-grade silicone skirt ensures a proper seal.

The OCTO safety respirator mask offers an exceptionally large pleated filter area ensuring easy breathing. Strategically positioned filter-shield openings provide increased clarity on communication and expedited release of heat, humidity, and CO2.

Our ORM safety respirator masks are reusable and can be easily sterilized, and disinfected by boiling or autoclave many times with no loss in efficacy.


New Standards for Respirator Protection

Light Respirator Mask for Sale | Octo Safety Devices
  • Antimicrobial Filter Protection

  • Reusable

    Simply boil, or autoclave, and reuse many times! Friendly to the environment, and your stockpile.

  • Large Shield Openings

    Allows breathing through the nose, venting of exhaled CO2 and heat, and enables clear communication.

  • Soft Silicone Facial Seal

    Facial skirt seals effectively and comfortably for a wide variety of face sizes & shapes.