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3D render Strap keeper for Bellroy backpacks

TLDR: One of our founders had an issue with his Bellroy backpacks (Chimera, Venture Backpack, and Transit Workpack 20L). After a few months of use the straps started slipping. So he created this little clip which stops that.

Full story: Tobias really likes Bellroy's backpacks and loads them heavily. But with some of the more current backpacks (Chimera, Transit Workpack, Venture Backpack) he had an issue with slipping straps after using them for 2-3 months. This did not apply to older backpacks like the Bellroy Apex and older Transit Workpacks which seem to use a different strap material. The current material has a different texture which over time does not provide enough resistance against the triglide buckle. Some users recommended moving the little strap keepers near the buckle, but this did not work for Tobias. So instead he designed this clip, which goes directly on the triglide buckle, and solves the problem once and for all.

Anyone who has a slipping straps on their backpack knows how annoying and uncomfortable this is, so we decided to make them available for everyone. We print the clips in-house on our SLA printers with a resin similar to ABS plastic, a very hard material. This is very low volume manufacturing and we sell them at cost.

Strap Keeper for Bellroy Backpacks Instructions Step 1
If you have this buckle, the clip fits.
Strap Keeper for Bellroy Backpacks Instructions Step 2
The strap keeper clips into the back of buckle.
Strap Keeper for Bellroy Backpacks Instructions Step 3

Almost invisible from the front. 

Read the instructions here (2MB, PDF)

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