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Intuitive and comfortable design that truly protects

The OCTO® X-Series™ delivers on the promise of advanced respiratory protection, by using new technology that prioritizes outstanding breathability, speech transmission, excellent fit, real-world reusability, and extraordinary resilience. 

 OCTO X-Series features


Advantages of the X-Series 

Elastomeric respirators are designed with ultimate protection, breathability and comfort in mind, but that’s not all. These features truly make the OCTO® X-Series different:

Self-Sanitizing Filter

The X-Series Respirator Mask incorporates advanced filtration technology, including a proprietary self-sanitizing treatment that starts killing pathogens on contact, and prevents mold and decay over its 10-year shelf-life.

Speech Transmission

The X-Series Respirator Mask sets itself apart by offering exceptional clarity in speech transmission. Unlike many other respirator masks that muffle and distort the wearer's voice, the X-Series is engineered with acoustically optimized materials and design elements that ensure clear and articulate communication. Users can effectively convey instructions, collaborate, and engage with colleagues without the barrier of unclear speech, enhancing overall workplace communication and safety coordination.

Truly Reusable

The X-Series Respirator Mask can be sterilized by boiling, making it a convenient and environmentally friendly choice even in the most remote and rustic environments, reducing the need for constant replacements and minimizing waste. This demonstrates our commitment to both safety and environmental responsibility, making it an ideal choice for anybody that values durability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Compact and Lightweight

The X-Series Respirator Mask weighs in at just under 140 grams, *including* filter and HALO head harness - almost half the weight of comparable respirator masks. This streamlined design has been a priority for our engineers and designers, as it is key to minimizing user-fatigue and providing an enhanced and comfortable fit for extended periods of wear in diverse work environments.

Exceptional Breathability

A hallmark of the X-Series Respirator Mask, our proprietary pleated filter material provides a huge filtering surface that enables wearers to breathe easily while maintaining a secure seal. This feature enhances overall comfort, promoting longer wear time without compromising safety.

HALO Strap System

The intuitive suspension system of the X-Series Respirator Mask was engineered to revolutionize ease of use, as it enables effortless one-handed donning and doffing. After the initial setup, wearers can securely position the X-Series Respirator Mask with just one hand, ensuring a snug and reliable fit.

Medical-Grade Facial Skirt

The face-hugging skirt is made of the most comfortable, non-cytotoxic silicone, and it provides a personalized and snug fit, minimizing discomfort and significantly enhancing the effectiveness of the X-Series Respirator Mask in filtering harmful particles and contaminants from the air.  As an added bonus, it prevents glasses from fogging up – interestingly, this is reported to be one of the most irritating aspects of wearing improperly-sealing respirators.

With our elastomeric respirator mask, you can feel confident about protection.

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Designed and assembled in the U.S.A. for guaranteed quality. 

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OCTO X-Series