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HALO Retrofit Kit for OCTO Respirator Mask V1.5

HALO Retrofit Kit for ORM V1.5

The HALO Strap Retrofit Kit converts your ORM version 1.5 to version 1.5 HALO. Installing it will improve comfort and allow for very quick donning and doffing.

Please read the instructions manual to install it on your ORM V1.5, or watch this video.


Click here to download the instructions: HALO Retrofit Kit Manual, PDF 1.1MB

After installation, please read the manual for the ORM V1.5 HALO to learn how to adjust the HALO and don and doff your ORM with the new HALO strap. Find it here.

Here is a short video explaining how to install the Retrofit Kit:

How to donning a respirator mask - OCTO Respirator Mask V1.5 Halo - YouTube Video


All the best,
The OCTO Team