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OCTO® Respirator V1.5

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SKU: ORM1025 | UPC: 850028792001

OCTO® Respirator V1.5

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SKU: ORM1025 | UPC: 850028792001

The OCTO® Respirator Mask 

ORM Version 1.5 
Designed for wearers 15 y/o, and older.  
Designed to withstand 30 boil or 10 autoclave cycles. 
Can be disinfected unlimited times.
Consult the instructions manual for details. 

Body contacting materials
Clear Silicone (Elastosil 3003/30 A/B)
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) 

0.2 lb / 92 grams

If you are a Front-Line Worker, please contact us for your discount code.

Manual and Care Instructions
Download PDF manual, 0.9 MB, here.
How to don the Respirator Mask video

For professional use, please find technical information here.

Certifications by NIOSH

This respirator is not certified by NIOSH. NIOSH issued a Manufacturer Code to OCTO Safety Devices and we are preparing for the approval process of this respirator.