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Octo® Respirator V1

Octo® Respirator V1

Octo® Respirator V1


The Octo® Respirator Mask V1 HCO
Pre-Production Version 
Designed for wearers 15 y/o, and older.  
Designed to withstand 30 boil or 8 autoclave cycles. 
Can be disinfected unlimited times.
Consult the instructions manual for details. 

Body contacting materials
Clear Silicone (Elastosil 3003/30 A/B)
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) 

Manual and Care Instructions
Download PDF manual, 1.1 MB, here.
How to don the Respirator Mask video

If you are a Front-Line Worker, please contact us for your discount code.

Certifications by FDA and NIOSH

This respirator is not certified by the FDA or NIOSH. We are preparing certification of this respirator but due to the COVID-19 pandemic decided to bring it to market early after years of development efforts.

Due to the pandemic, the FDA does currently not intend to object to marketing and distribution of masks in a healthcare setting even if they are manufactured at facilities that do not meet 21 CFR 820.

To comply with this current FDA waiver we are making the following statements:

  • This is not a surgical mask
  • This respirator may be used as a source control device when FDA cleared masks are unavailable
  • We recommend against use in a surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected
  • We make no claims of antimicrobial or antiviral protection
  • We make no claims of infection prevention or reduction
  • We make no claims regarding flammability


Product focus

Octo® Respirator V1
  • Antimicrobial Protection

    Proprietary silver particles bond to our filter material which captures and kills 99.99% of all airborne pathogens.

  • Reusability

    When dirty, simply boil or autoclave the mask, set aside to dry in minutes then reuse. It's that easy to stay truly protected and self reliant.  

  • Large Vents

    Allows normal breathing thru the nose, heat to escape and clear communication when you need it.

  • Soft Silicone Seals

    Ultra light weight and soft, the facial skirt is designed to seal comfortably for long periods of time and fit a variety of face sizes.