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Introducing our Newest, Safest OCTO Respirator Mask Yet

Introducing our Newest, Safest OCTO Respirator Mask Yet

When we launched our original OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) earlier this year, we knew there was a significant need – but we wondered if there would be an equal demand. After all, masks are everywhere right now. But a respirator that offers full protection and surpasses N95 standards? That’s hard to find.  

Upon releasing ORM in August 2020, we quickly gained attention from national media and sold out of every ORM unit we had in stock. Luckily, we continuously improve ORM based on new science and customer feedback. Our next unit – ORM Version 1.5 – was already in the works.

Now, in the height of the coronavirus pandemic, when adequate protection can quite literally mean life and death, we’re ready to bring ORM Version 1.5 to people all over the world.

After rigorous testing, ORM Version 1.5 is being produced in higher quantities than our original respirator mask, and the benefits of ORM Version 1.5 are even greater, too. Some of the upgrades we’ve made include:

  • A 10 percent reduction in overall weight
  • A redesigned Front Section, available in black or white, featuring new material that is both lighter and 10 times stronger than the previous version
  • Improved strap placement for better visibility and comfort, particularly for people who wear eyeglasses
  • More space in front of the mouth, facilitating better breathing and mouth gesticulation
  • New filter material to minimize breathing resistance and provide greater protection
  • New facial skirt with softer silicone, improving the shape and texture


If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading from disposable masks, reusable fabric masks, or uncomfortable N95s masks, now is the time. We’re at an essential point in the pandemic where everyone has a responsibility to protect themselves – and those around them – as best as possible. ORM Version 1.5 can do that.

This isn’t a fleeting trend that will disappear once COVID-19 is behind us. The need for effective respirator masks is far greater than the current pandemic – which is why we started OCTO Safety Devices before COVID-19 even existed.

Air pollution from non-electric vehicles continues to grow in cities around the globe. Natural disasters like raging wildfires and unpredictable earthquakes can diminish clean breathing air. In the event of a sudden evacuation, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not you can breathe; ORM is a priority item for your emergency go-bag. COVID-19 might be front and center right now, but it’s accompanied by a long list of other scenarios that threaten human existence.

At the end of every day, your ability to breathe is all you really have. Breathing allows you to keep going. It’s the constant realization that your life matters. Your life is important. Your life is worth protecting.

That’s why we made ORM Version 1.5. It enables your life to continue. Not just for right now, but for the long haul.