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Spring Has Sprung (And So Have The Allergies)

Spring Has Sprung (And So Have The Allergies)

Throughout most of the pandemic, remember how uncomfortable it felt to be near strangers who were sneezing or coughing? It’s human nature - we couldn’t help but wonder, “Oh no, does that person have COVID?”

Now, we have allergies to worry about. Don’t get us wrong — the pandemic is still in effect, even while millions get vaccinated. In some places, cases are actually rising right now. But our newest wellness hazard has already begun popping up: allergies.

Wearing an OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) won’t necessarily protect you from having an allergic reaction, but it does protect you from many common allergens. Allergens are substances that cause allergic reactions. And they love the Spring.

We’re talking pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, smog and air pollution. All of these contain tiny particulates which we can easily breathe in without realizing because the naked eye can hardly see them. As these allergens enter our body, they can cause all sorts of health problems. Early symptoms typically include a runny nose, sneezing and nasal congestion. In some cases, it can be noticeably harder to breathe. Itchy and watery eyes are also common. In rare and typically untreated cases, inhaled allergens like pollen can develop into severe reactions.

Given that we’ve seen a massive decrease in travel during the pandemic, air pollution has gone down. With vaccinations rolling out in full effect and the world slowly but surely loosening lockdown restrictions, there’s likely to be more travel again - and thus, more air pollution. This is one reason why the upcoming Spring allergy season could cause some issues. After a year of somewhat cleaner air (not including coronavirus, of course), it could be jarring to suddenly breathe in a lot of smog and air pollution again, especially for those living in densely populated cities.

OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) helps greatly where allergens and particulates are concerned. If you’re feeling a tickle in your throat, or a slight runny nose, or your sinuses feel enflamed, OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) can help filter the air masterfully.

If you or someone you know has had issues with allergens in the past, please consider the next few months carefully and purchase an ORM, even if you just keep it on hand for future use as needed. It’s exciting seeing the world get vaccinated - but that doesn’t solve our respiratory problems for good!