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The Price of Safety

The Price of Safety

Corner stores everywhere are flooded with seemingly inexpensive disposable masks. While we’re no longer experiencing a severe mask shortage similar to the onset of the pandemic, there’s still a major problem with mask accessibility.

Finding cost-effective (and eco-friendly) mask solutions is difficult among the sea of options available. Disposable N95s, surgical masks and fabric masks might seem like an easy short-term investment – but the cost per wear really adds up.

Instead of looking at the retail price of a mask, it’s important to consider the cost per wear. Those cheap disposable masks could actually be burning a hole in your wallet.

When it comes to N95 masks, which provide a relatively higher filtration efficiency, the cost per wear varies between $1.16 – $2.50. Surgical masks, however, provide very low filtration efficiency and the cost per wear is between $0.26 – $0.50.

If you want a mask that will provide maximum filtration efficiency and affordability, that’s where the OCTO Respirator Mask (ORM) comes into focus. Filtering more than 95% of particulates, ORM breaks down to just $0.20 – $0.68 per wear.

Casual wearers who need a mask for occasional shopping, commuting and casual interactions can wear ORM for up to two years. That equates to about four hours of use per week, at $0.21 per wear.

Commuter wearers can rely on ORM for a full year whenever they’re running errands, commuting, or engaging in up to five interactions per wear. This equates to about 15 hours of use per week, at $0.34 per wear.

Frontline workers who come in close contact with colleagues and the public can wear ORM for up to six months. These are people who work long shifts and come in close contact with colleagues and the public, and/or live or work in low-ventilation locales. Averaging about 40 hours of use per week, the cost per wear for frontline workers is $0.78.

Regardless of your reason for masking up, ORM has a whopping 10-year shelf life. That means you can safely store it away, then whenever you need a mask to keep you safe from airborne particulates, it’ll be easy to grab ORM stay protected.

Not only is the cost per wear less expensive overall, but the reusability, sanitization capabilities, durability, shelf life and other features all outperform the most common masks.

See the full breakdown below of ORM versus N95 and surgical masks. Then give your bank account a break and invest in ORM, a true inexpensive investment for long-term safety.

Edited 7/20/2021: Adjusted cost per wear to retail pricing of $89.00. Frontline worker discount is not reflected in this calculation. The frontline worker discount breaks down to just $0.13 – $0.43 per wear.