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Face masks should not be improperly wear

Don’t Be A Fool - Mask Up

This April Fool’s Day, we’re going to skip the gimmicks. It’s true: The world is opening back up. Yet another thing is also true: We’re still in a global pandemic

With Spring in full motion now and Summer around the corner, everyone is itching to get back to “normal.” But what even is normal? If normal means going back to “the way it was before the pandemic” – well, then we’d say “normal” is foolish. Because we weren’t ready for a pandemic before it hit.

The most foolish thing we can do right now is go back. Go back to pre-pandemic thinking, go back to not wearing masks, go back to not using caution in our interactions with others. Frankly, there is no going back from this. Not when 2.82 million (and counting) people have died. Not when 129 million (and counting) people have been infected.

Instead, we need to finish out the remaining weeks strong while millions of people continue receiving vaccinations. We need to prepare ourselves for what might come next, because history repeats itself and there’s always a next time. Get your OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM), a reusable elastomeric respirator mask. Be ready and be safe. We need to mask up. 

Many foolish things have happened since the dawn on the pandemic. So, on this April Fool’s Day, all we have to say is: Please, don’t be a fool.