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OCTO® Unfiltered: Masking After the Vaccine

OCTO® Unfiltered: Masking After the Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine has seen miraculous progress. Not only was it created with historic haste in response to the deadliest pandemic we’ve ever experienced, but the vaccine rollout efforts are well underway – and continue opening up to more people every day. Over 109 million vaccinations have already been administered in the U.S., reaching almost a quarter of the nation’s total population. After more than a year of living in a pandemic, there’s a definitive “light at the end of the tunnel” moment taking place now.

But does the vaccine mean masks will simply…go away? We don’t advise that. The pandemic has highlighted a greater need for masks. Everyone should always have a highly effective elastomeric respirator mask, like the OCTO® Respirator Mask, on hand in the event of future pandemics, natural disasters, or even just for working in places where air can be contaminated. ORM is an easy, compact addition to your emergency go-bag as well.

It’s important to remain conscious of the need for quality, because now we know all-too-well how much they can come in handy – and save lives.

If you’ve been vaccinated, or are planning to get vaccinated, don’t toss out your mask just yet. If anything, invest in a more sustainable mask. OCTO® Safety Devices' co-founder Natasha Duwin explains more: