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Google and Facebook ban the sale of medical-grade masks, and Amazon limits their availability to shoppers

The Paradox of Mask Availability and Visibility

There’s a conundrum going on with masks right now. It’s puzzling, to say the least.

On one hand, we have a vital need for quality face coverings and masks that offer the best protection. This need for better masks, like the OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM), goes back before COVID-19 even existed. But on the other hand, there are very few ways for the best masks like the OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) to get in front of the consumers and frontline workers who desperately want and need them.

The New York Times recently released a story about the struggles mask manufacturers are facing when it comes to advertising and selling online. Unfortunately, we understand this problem all too well.

It’s understandable that companies should not be exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic and profiting off the deadliest virus in global history. Too many companies are creating subpar face coverings and masks and selling them at inflated prices during a time when millions of Americans are facing financial hardship and serious health concerns. But amongst the sea of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) companies out there, plenty of us are well-intentioned and want to help fulfill the dire need we currently face.

According to the New York Times story:

Google and Facebook ban the sale of medical-grade masks, and Amazon limits their availability to shoppers — policies born during the early months of the pandemic, when hospitals were scrambling to obtain protective gear.

But some public health experts and mask manufacturers say these rules are outdated, especially given the spread of more infectious coronavirus variants and the abundance of domestically made masks that are gathering dust in warehouses across the country. The restrictions, they say, may hinder the country’s ability to limit new infections in the months before vaccinations become more widely available.

While the restrictions on mask sales and advertisements may be well-intentioned, it’s stopping our ability to keep everyone protected.

We cannot advertise on Facebook. We cannot advertise on Google. Despite the fact that we’ve been laser-focused on creating the world’s best elastomeric respirator mask before coronavirus existed, we are now beholden to the misguided and often undisclosed rules and regulations of these high-powered technology companies.

Our medical-grade respirator masks are among the most effective available for purchase. We have testimonies far and wide from healthcare professionals, teachers, truck drivers and more, explaining how the OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) has empowered them to continue living their lives without the constant concern of breathing in contaminated air. With such positive customer feedback, and high marks from third party lab testing, why aren’t we allowed to advertise in the places where online shoppers look the most? Why do technology giants continue to offer no clear path? 

If you’re looking for a mask that offers easy sanitization, long-term use, impressive filtration and protection, you’re at the right place. How you landed here on our website, however, is something we continue to struggle with, because you likely didn’t land here from one of the countless Facebook or Google advertisements we’ve tried to deploy – because we keep getting denied. 

It’s time to stop the overreach, because it’s hindering America’s ability to heal. It’s time our government and the technology gatekeepers recognize there are numerous mask manufacturers like OCTO® Safety Devices with pure intentions creating the best masks possible to get us through the pandemic. It’s time, because even after the pandemic is over, the need for masks like OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) will continue. 

Until then, please share OCTO® Respirator Mask (ORM) with your friends, family, colleagues and social networks. All we want to do is save lives and provide access to clean breathing air for anyone who needs it.